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All churches listed in this section offer one or more English services. Times are not given because most churches have summer and winter schedules, which change from year to year. An attempt has been made to name most of the church service groups. However, it is recommended that you call your local church for a more complete description of the services it offers to the community. These service groups are listed under their respective churches.


Aylmer Baptist Fellowship
9 Conroy Street
Gatineau (Aylmer), Québec  J9H 5L4
Tel: 819.684.9961
Aylmer United Church
164 Principale Street
Gatineau (Aylmer), Québec  J9H 3M8
Tel: 684.5345
Buckingham Baptist Church
117 MacLaren Street West, P.O. Box 2734
Gatineau (Buckingham), Québec  J8L 2X1
Tel: 819.986.3939

Christ Church Anglican

101 Symmes Street
Gatineau (Aylmer), Québec  J9H 3K6
Tel: 819.684.8233

Liberty Ministries
1412 Antoine-Boucher,
Gatineau QC J9J 3M8

My Father's House Christian Fellowship
480 Vernon Street
Gatineau, Québec  J9J 3K5
Tel: 819.770.1551; Fax: 819.770.2113
Our Lady of the Annunciation Catholic Parish
189 Archambault Street
Gatineau (Hull), Quebec  J8Y 5E3
Tel: 819.777.6931; Fax: 819.770.1631

Our Lady of Victory

490 Charles Street
Gatineau (Buckingham), Québec  J8L 2K5
Tel: 819.986.3763; Fax: 819.986.9889
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
131 Gorman Street
Gatineau (Buckingham), Québec  J8L 1A2
Tel: 819.986.5502 

St. Aloysius Catholic Church & Columban Catholic Mission
300 Abbé-Murray Street
Gatineau, Québec  J8P 4Z4
Tel: 819.663.5244; Fax: 819.663.2078

Église Unie de la Grâce United Church

8 Mill Road

Chelsea, Quebec J9B 1K8

Tel: 819-827-1212

St. Andrew's United Church
144 Jean René Monette Street
Gatineau, Québec  J8P 5B7
Tel: 819.663.9892

St. Andrew's Parish
1 Eardley Road
Gatineau (Aylmer), Québec  J9H 7V5
St. Andrews United Church
570 Principale
Gatineau (Buckingham), Québec  J8L 2H3
Tel: 819.986.5297

St. George's Anglican Church
175 Broadway East
Gatineau, Québec  J8P 3V4
Tel: 819.663.1816 

St. Malachy Catholic Church
3889, Road 315, R.R.#3
Gatineau (Buckingham), Québec  J8L 2W8
Tel: 819.986.3763; Fax: 986.9889

St. Marks the Evangelist Church

160 Main Street
Gatineau (Aylmer), Québec  J8P 5J3

Tel: 819.684.6926; Fax: 819.684.7830

St. Stephen's Parish Hall
45 Ch Donaldson
Gatineau (Buckingham), Québec  J8L 1Y6
Tel: 819.986.3985
Templeton United Church
942 Notre Dame Street
Gatineau, Québec  J8P 1N9
Tel: 819.663.7613

Thurso United Church

161 Fraiser Street
Gatineau (Buckingham), Québec  J8L 2B2
Tel: 819.986.1921


Église de la Peche
45 River Road
Alcove, Québec  J0X 1A0
Tel: 819.459.2065
Holy Cross Catholic Church
248 Fieldville, R.R.#1
Low, Québec  J0X 2C0
Tel: 459.3471
Low United Church
85 Martindale Road
Low, Québec  J0X 2C0
Tel: 819.467.5308

Northfield Pentecostal Church

R.R. #2
Gracefield, Québec  J0X 1W0
Tel: 819.463.3438; Fax: 819.463.3438

Our Lady of Mount-Carmel
430 highway 105
Kazabazua, Québec  J0X 1X0

Our Lady of Sorrows - Venosta
43 Plunkett
Venosta, Québec  J0X 3E3
Tel: 819.459.3471 
St. Stephen's Anglican Church
Kazabazua, Québec  J0X 1X0
St. Martin's Mission
280 Martindale Road, P.O. Box 26
Low, Québec, J0X 2C0
Tel: 819.459.3471
St. Patrick's Church
253 des Oblats
Maniwaki, Québec  J9E 1G6
Tel: 819.449.2998
Trinity United Church
Kazabazua, Québec  J0X 1X0
Tel: 819.467.5308
Trinity United Church Women
Kazabazua, Québec  J0X 1X0
Tel: 819.467.5308 

Women's Ministry
R.R. #2
Gracefield, Québec  J0X 1W0
Tel: 819.463.3438 


St. Andrew's United Church, (Poltimore)
2735 Principale
Val-des-Monts, Québec  J8N 2J4
Tel: 819.457.4619

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

131 Gorman St.
Gatineau, Québec  J8L 1A2
Tel: 819.986.5502


Chelsea United Church
8 Mill Road
Chelsea, Québec  J9B 1K8
Tel: 819.664.3293

St. Andrew's Church (Cantley)

2735 Principale
Val-des-Monts, Québec  J8N 2J4
Tel: 819.457.4619
St. Camillus Catholic Church
44 Plunkett Road
La Peche, Québec  J0X 1T0
Tel: 819.459.3471; Fax: 819.459.1626

St. Elizabeth's Church

47 St. Elizabeth Road
Cantley, Québec  J8V 3E8
Tel: 819.827.2004; Fax: 819.827.2004
St. Stephen's Church
212 Old Chelsea Road
Chelsea, Québec  J9B 1J3
Tel: 819.827.1664; Fax: 819. 827.3590
Wakefield United Church
701 Ch Riverside
Wakefield, Québec  J9X 3G0
Tel: 819.459.3292


Anglican Parish of Clarendon
St. Paul's, Shawville
Holy Trinity, Radford
St. George's, Portage-du-Fort
Shawville, Québec
Tel: 819.647.3819.

Anglican Parish of the Northern Pontiac
Christ Church, Maniwaki
Holy Trinity, Danford Lake
St. George's, Campbell's Bay
St. George's, Thorne
St. James, Otter Lake
St. James, Wright
Tel: 819.648.2949

Associated Gospel

C211 Zion Line
Shawville, Québec  J0X 2Y0 
Tel: 819.647.3542

St. Edward's Catholic Church
36 Aylmer Road
Bristol, Quebec  J0X 1G0
Tel: 819.458.2183

Presbyterian Church
40 Bristol Road
Bristol, Quebec  J0X 1G0

St. Andrew's Knox United
71 Aylmer Road
Bristol, Quebec  J0X 1G0
Tel: 819.647.3950 or 613.834.8527
Bristol Ridge Pentecostal
53 Eighth Line Road
Bristol, Quebec  J0X 1G0
Church of Faith, Praise and Prayer
1289 route 148
Campbell's Bay, Québec  J0X 1K0
Tel: 819.648.2929

Canadian Women's League (CWL)

37 Wellington
Bryson, Québec  J0X 1H0
Tel: 819.648.5816

Grace Community Bible Church
272 Highway 148
Shawville, Québec  J0X 2Y0
Tel: 819.647.3542

Free Methodist
54 Leslie St.
Campbell's Bay, Québec  J0X 1K0
Tel: 819.648.5242

Immaculate Conception Church

P.O. Box 100
Bryson, Québec  J0X 1H0
Tel: 819.648.5898
Pentecostal Church
219 Centre Street
Shawville, Québec  J0X 2Y0
Tel: 819.647.2555
Standard Church
Main Street
Shawville, Québec  J0X 2Y0
Tel: 819.647.2535

St. Alphonsus Church
106 St. Jacques
Chapeau, Québec  J0X 1M0
Tel: 819.689.5232; Fax: 819.689.5303
St. Alphonsus CWL
Chapeau, Québec  J0X 1M0 
St. Andrew's Church
7 John St., P.O. Box 206
Campbell's Bay, Québec  J0X 1K0
Tel: 819.648.5821
St. Andrews-Knox United
72 Aylmer Road, R.R. #1
Bristol, Québec  J0X 1G0
Tel: 819.647.3950
St. Anne's Parish Church
182 Outaouais Road
Ile du Grand Calumet, Québec  J0X 1J0
Tel: 648.5898; Fax: 819.648.2994
St. Anne's Church CWL
Outaouais Drive
Ile du Grand Calumet, Québec  J0X 1J0
St. Charles Borromeo
P.O. Box 20
Otter Lake, Québec  J0X 2P0
Tel: 819.453.7656
St. Dominique's Church
23 Village Road
Luskville, Québec  J0X 2G0
Tel: 819.455.2482

St. Edwards Catholic Church

34 Aylmer Road
Bristol Mines, Québec  J0X 1G0
Tel: 819.458.2183; Fax: 819.458.1425

St. Elizabeth
Vinton, Québec
Tel: 819.648.5898  

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