RAWQ Communication Plan


  • To increase access to information services and community events in English
  • To strengthen the capacity of West Quebec's English language institutions and community associations through cooperation and networking at the Regional, Provincial and National levels. 

Means of Communication

RAWQ's communication tools currently consist of a website, newsletters, e-bulletins, press releases and written submissions to newspapers. 

Targeted Audiences

  • Members
  • General Public
  • Partner Groups
  • Federal Government
  • Provincial Government
  • Municipal Government
  • Community and Cultural Groups 

Guiding Principles

  • Must support RAWQ's Mandate and Mission
  • Must be consistent with RAWQ policies and practices
  • Must support the objectives and goals outlined in the RAWQ Strategic Plan
  • Must respond in a timely manner to emergent key issues in a regional or provincial level. 

Overview for 2008-2009

  • In the upcoming year RAWQ will continue to use and work to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its communication tools. 
  • In support of the communication plan an action plan will be developed and implemented based on priorities established by the Board of Directors. 
  • Through extensive communications RAWQ will continue to work towards building sustainable networks that will enhance the development of the English-speaking community.

Activities for 2008-2009

1. Undertake an analysis, accompanied by recommendations, of all RAWQ communication tools, with an emphasis on the web site. The analysis will be focused on:

  • Reviewing the various communication vehicles presently being used by RAWQ to support the organization's overall communication objectives.
  • Reviewing the efficiency of design, relevancy and currency of information being presented on the web site.
  • Reviewing the organization's information management, collection, and dissemination and data management practices.
  • Ensuring a visual identity consistency among communication products.

2. Increase RAWQ's capacity to reach out to the English-speaking community through the:

  • Development of a bi-weekly electronic information sheet outlining achievements and items of interest to the English speaking population.
  • Development of an information fact sheet that clearly defines who we are, major achievements, organization priorities.
  • Development of a distribution plan and supporting network that will allow RAWQ to reach out to the entire population.
  • Development of common messaging that all RAWQ committees can use when communicating with the public.

3. Reaching out to other Community Groups to:

  • Develop a working relationship and alliances with other minority groups, chambers of commerce etc. to promote RAWQ activities and to dispel certain myths.

4. To play a pro-active role in ensuring that major community information vehicles (i.e. City of Gatineau web-site) are accessible as information dissemination tools for English-speaking organizations.

5. Fundraising and Promotion

  • Annual Awards Banquet
  • Annual Golf tournament
  • Membership fees and Donations
  • Special fundraising events

Activities 2010-2011

  • Finalize the three year plan to develop, in conjunction with other English- speaking groups, a distribution network where each organization shares its communication network, thus allowing RAWQ to expand its outreach
  • Develop a power point presentation accompanied by an Outreach strategy whose objective is to inform the population at large about RAWQ, its mandate and mission
  • Continue to expand the web site business directory into key information that provides the English speaking population with a listing of professional organizations that provide services in English.
  • Continue to build on the strategy of making the RAWQ web site a key and relevant information tool that keeps the English- speaking population informed on current events (social, political etc)

To see the Strategic Plan page.

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