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Cycling in the Outaouais

 Cycling Post



There is over 600 km of cycling pathways throughout the Outaouais region! Pedal through the region on gorgeous trails for all different skill levels! 


Need reasons why you should take a cycling trip?

  • Be active!
  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Discover what you can’t see while Highway- driving
  • Efficient transportation that is good for the environment
  • A good use of extra free time
  • COVID-friendly activity


In Papineau’s Footsteps route: 129 km 

Intermediate route - Departure at Montebello tourism office


The Pontiac: Go West! Route: 161 km 

Intermediate Route - Departure in Shawville at the end of Victoria st.


Legs on Fire route through MRC des Collines - de - L’Outaouais: 50.5 km

Experienced route - Departure from Gatineau Park Parking P3


On the Shores of the Capital route through the ville de Gatineau: 12.5 km 

Easy route - departure at Jacques Cartier Park, Laurier St.


The Northern Log Drivers route through MRC Gatineau Valley: 82.5 km

Intermediate route - departure from Low, promenade du Soleil N