“Supporting the English-speaking community in West Quebec”

Communication Plan


To increase access to information services and community events in English.

To strengthen the capacity of West Quebec's English language institutions and community associations through cooperation and networking at the Regional, Provincial and National levels.

Means of Communication

RAWQ's communication tools currently consist of a website, newsletters, eBulletins and eShout-outs, Social Media, City Life TV show, Promotional Material, press releases and written submissions to newspapers

Targeted Audiences
  • Members
  • General Public
  • Partner Groups
  • Federal Government
  • Provincial Government
  • Municipal Government
  • Community and Cultural Groups

Guiding Principles
  • Must support RAWQ's Mandate and Mission
  • Must be consistent with RAWQ policies and practices
  • Must support the objectives and goals outlined in the RAWQ Strategic Plan
  • Must respond in a timely manner to emergent key issues in a regional or provincial level

Activities for 2017-2018

The television program City Life has propelled RAWQ in the public eye and therefor requires us to develop a communication plan that is adequate to respond to our increased exposure and likely an increased demand for information and referrals.

Vehicle Purpose Frequency Accountable
E-bulletins Inform As needed no more than 1 per month Administration and Communications Director
Newsletter Educate and inform Sent electronically and by mail every 3 months Administration and Communications Director
Ad-hoc E-Shots Points of information Sent electronically as warranted by events, activities or news relevant to our members Administration and Communications Director
Event Promotional Material Promote participation at our events At least one month prior to event Fundraising and Events Committee
Calendar of Events To encourage members to schedule their attendance at our events Monthly Executive Director
Web Site To provide a repository of information members can access at their convenience Daily update Administration and Communications Director
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) Information as it happens Daily update Administration and Communications Director
Special Reports To provide an in-depth examination of an issue As required by the issue Executive Director
City Life on MAtv Broadcast about the English-speaking community in the Outaouais Shot once a week and diffused on MAtv between 5 and 10 times a week Executive Director and Researcher (Board member)
Press Releases Specific news pertaining to the organization As required Administration and Communications Director

Every two to three years, we will conduct a "Member Needs Survey" to probe what issues or services they would like our organization to offer and evaluate if we are responding adequately. We will repeat the exercise of setting out a schedule of communications to our target audience. These would include:

  • Prospective members/donors;
  • Governments (municipal, regional, provincial, federal);
  • Media (public and sector-specific);
  • Suppliers, sponsors and strategic partners;
  • Other associations or stakeholders.

For more information on the Action Plan, go to the Action Plan Page.